We are manufacturer & world wide exporter of fine pure essential oils. We are one of the finest industries dealing in wide range of 100% pure essential oils.
Our main market of exports is USA, EUROPE, OCEANA, MIDDLE EAST, and ASIA.
Our main customers are world wide.
  We do not sell synthetic fragrances.  
  Essential oils  
  We manufacture essential oils which are concentrated liquid containing volatile aroma from plants. Essential oils are as the oils of the plant material from which they are extracted by distillation, expression, or solvent extraction.  
Essential oils are extracted from natural resources usually different
Parts of plants like leaves , roots, stems ,buts, flowers fruits, fresh and partly dried leaves, flowering tops, fresh peels, dried crushed, ripe fruits, needles and twigs, seed and whole herb, wood chips, sawdust, branches, resins etc.
  Our essential oils are used by industries which are into manufacturing of cosmetic products like beauty creams, scent baths, aroma compound, spray perfumes, paints, detergents, shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, herbal products, for scenting incense, house hold cleaning products and aromatherapy etc.